12 LED Grow Lights to Help Your Indoor Plants Thrive, Even in the Winter

Grow lights give sun-deprived indoor plants the green light — or rather, the purple light — to produce energy and stay healthy. Not all plant parents have access to enough light for their foliage babies, and colder seasons can mean less sunlight in general. Some houseplants, such as succulents and edible plants, also require more light to truly thrive. If your plant isn’t getting the light it needs, you can always supplement natural light with energy-efficient LED grow lamps. Most manufacturers will produce grow lamps that emit a purple color, as blue and red light wavelengths are important in plant development. From clamp-on grow lights to panels, we’ve rounded up the best LED grow lights to give your indoor plants a little TLC all year long!

5 Best LED Grow Lights Under

Most growers know about the benefits of LED grow lights. But making the switch can be expensive: even cheap LED grow lights have a higher initial cost than other types of grow lights.

Fortunately, you’ll make up that cost over time, because LED lights last longer than conventional grow lights. Plus, you’ll save big on energy costs. Read on to discover the best LED Grow Light under .

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