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Cornell Tech is an extremely diverse atmosphere of educators and practitioners that excel at building and develop technologically advanced products and services to meet commercial and social needs. Although students from across the world can benefit from attending Cornell Tech, a few key characteristics are common amongst many students at Cornell Tech.

Students who attend Tech have an opportunity to work in a dynamic environment with a wide variety of educational and experiential resources. The school strives to make each student feel as if they are a member of a multi-disciplinary, academic community of scholars and researchers. Many students in Tech find themselves at a crossroads when they enter their third or fourth year. It is here where a student’s personal growth occurs and an individual’s sense of self-worth begins to deepen.

The school allows students to pursue their own distinct interests while still making use of the tools of academia and research. Because many students choose to take an internship after they leave Tech, there is an abundance of academic support and experience to be gained from a variety of internship opportunities. Students who do choose an internship must be aware that this experience will take place on the Cornell Tech campus. Many students find that this is a wonderful opportunity for interaction with others who share the same interests and goals as them. Working on the grounds of Cornell Tech provides students with a unique opportunity to interact with faculty, staff, and fellow students on a daily basis.

Technology graduates must maintain a healthy work-life balance in order to succeed in this challenging industry. It is important for students to remain dedicated to their goals as they transition into the professional worlds of academia and industry. Many students at Tech discover that they have an innate interest in science and technology. This helps them feel more connected to a specific group of people and a sense of purpose within the Cornell community. Many students are able to develop significant leadership skills while participating in various programs within the Tech community. For those students who are interested in pursuing graduate studies, they will find a strong network in which to further their education and prepare for their future careers.

balancing family life and career

In addition to the challenges that Tech students face in the classroom, they also face many other challenges in the community. This includes balancing family life and career, as well as maintaining relationships outside the school and within it. Many students will find that there are many extracurricular activities, clubs, and organizations to which they belong, and a sense of belonging in Tech. that make their work experience much easier and more fulfilling.

Students who are accepted into Tech will find that their work experience is very similar to the work experience that they had to graduate from high school. The challenge of working with a team of professors and working with peers on projects to solve challenging problems is one that every student at Tech should be prepared to face.

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